Communications. Criminal Justice. Psychology.


Hello! I’m Kat.

I come from a small town just south of Louisville, Kentucky. I am currently an Assistant Stylist in the photo studio at Rue Gilt Groupe, while studying Communications, Criminal Justice, and Psychology at Northern Kentucky University.

I began my college career in the Fall of 2012 as a Studio Art major at the University of Louisville, but quickly found myself drawn to many other disciplines and career paths as well. I ended up being unable to pin down exactly what I wanted to do, so I decided to take a short break that turned into a long break… and eventually led to me enrolling in cosmetology school. I graduated from Paul Mitchell The School Louisville and went on to pass the practical and written exams to earn my cosmetology license in early 2018.

After earning my license, I began an apprenticeship program at a prestigious Louisville salon, moved on to a stylist position at another, and finally ended up renting a space so I could be in control of my own business. I learned a lot during the years I spent in the beauty industry, and being a hair stylist is so rewarding! However, I felt the need to find a career within a discipline that’s impact was a little further reaching than hair. A field in which I could help to influence positive change within our world.

This led me to discovering the Integrative Studies program at NKU. Being able to focus on Communications, Criminal Justice, and Psychology while earning my Bachelor’s degree, will allow me to approach a wide array of career paths with confidence!

When I’m not completing school assignments or working, I’m probably watching true crime with glass of Purple Toad, at a car show with my boyfriend, or snuggling my orange tabby cat. I also enjoy getting lost in a good book, taking & editing photos, creating unique makeup looks, crafting, and writing.



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