Hey, y’all! I’m Kat.

I am a 29-year-old hairstylist & creative from a small town in Kentucky. I was born late. No, really. My due date was Halloween 1993, and I ended up being born on November 29th. Spooky baby turned turkey baby, I guess you could say. I like to think it was because I missed the full moon in October, so we had to hold off until the November Beaver moon. But it all worked out, because now my birthday is right in the middle of my favorite time of year— in the midst of Halloween/Samhain, Thanksgiving, and the Winter Solstice/Yule.

I believe in the magic of energy and the power of nature. I believe there is more to the world that we cannot see, nor fully comprehend as human beings. However, some of us have found ways to connect to the unknown and unseen pieces of the universe.

I am a practicing witch and avid Tarot reader. I have been reading Tarot for over a decade now (has it really been that long???)… I mostly pull cards for myself, but have done a handful of readings for theirs with good results and feedback.

I give off those “I-want-to-believe” Fox-Mulder “The-truth-is-out-there” vibes all day, baby. (Yes, even Bigfoot, y’all.) I love coffee, Magic Hour tea, chocolate, Thanksgiving dinner, and Purple Toad wine.

I am a spoonie, originally diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome at age 14, and I was more recently diagnosed with Lupus. I’m also neurodivergent— I was diagnosed with ADHD at 23-years-old…. What a trip that’s been. On top of dealing with depressive states, a panic disorder, complex trauma, and a personality disorder diagnosis… a REAL trip, let me tell ya.

I am a licensed cosmetologist in the state of Kentucky. I currently work in the Salon at Ulta Beauty! I am obsessed with all things beauty— makeup, fashion, hair, etc. I am also an artist, although I don’t have a particular medium I prefer to work with. I always say anything and everything is my medium: words, photos, movement, art, hair, makeup….

I love forests and mountains and beautiful cloudscapes. 10/10 will run late to wherever I’m headed if there are pretty clouds and colors in the sky waiting to be photographed. Hell, I’ll be late to my own funeral. Just watch.

I love learning about my ancestry and heritage, and knowing where my roots stem from. I love learning about ancient belief systems, mythology, and folklore. I really enjoy learning about history as a whole, so picking out the pieces of it that align with my family history is so neat!

For example, I am actually a descendent of Sarah Clarke Rist, who was accused of witchcraft during the infamous Salem Witch Trials. She was accused on May 24, 1962 in Salem for “haveing committed sundry acts of Witchcraft on the bodys of Mary Walcot, Abigail Williams, and others to theire great hurt.” She was then imprisoned in Boston until her husband petitioned for her release, which she was granted. We all know the witch trials were a bunch of he-said, she-said nonsense, but I like to think Sarah was just an old woman, minding her own business, practicing a little folk magic that was taught to her by her elders.

Anywho, this was supposed to be a page about me. Only got a little off topic. 😉 If you’ve made it this far, thanks so much for reading!

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