Team Organisource

I wanted to introduce you guys to an amazing company that you may not have heard of yet, called Organisource! They offer all natural, high quality supplements, ethically sourced from Mother Nature herself.

I recently teamed up with Organisource in hopes of creating a happier, healthier me. I not only committed to being an ambassador for this amazing brand, I also began a regular exercise routine, working out daily. Which, is a huge deal for me, as I haven’t regularly exercised since my days as a competitive cheerleader in high school (roughly 9ish years ago)!

So I tried out the Chocolate Keto Collagen with MCT Powder (which was surprisingly delicious) to help aid me in my journey into the land of health and wellness.

I chose this protein powder due to the fact that it had so many benefits! The regular use of collagen peptides keeps your skin healthy and hydrated, prevents wrinkles/stretch marks, and supports joint, bone, and ligament vitality. It is also full of amino acids, which helps support lean muscle and prevent injury. MCT Powder contains essential fatty acids, which convert to clean energy and keep you satiated. Plus, unlike many other protein powders, this one is easily digestible and benefits the intestinal lining. It is also sugar-free, gluten-free, and Keto friendly (although I’m not personally a Keto dieter).

After just one use, I can already tell this powder supplies you with amazing energy, and not the jittery kind either! I’m super stoked to see what this protein powder does for me in terms of my hair, skin, and nail health, as well as the effect it has on my achey-breaky joints. So stay tuned to see my results!

If you’re interested in seeing how Organisource products work for you, be sure to use the code KATRIST for $ off your purchase!

Also, I’m curious to see, have you taken collagen supplements before? If so, how did you like them? Did you see results? Comment below to let me know!