An Introduction to the Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck

If you have followed me for a while, you probably know by now that I LOVE The Wild Unknown decks. I regularly use the Tarot deck, Archetypes deck, and the Animal Spirit deck in my practice. In this post I am kicking off a series of posts discussing the Animal Spirit deck!

This deck is separated by the elements in relation to each animals’ habitat: Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Spirit. I’ll start off by explaining each elemental suite!


“Creatures of the field & forest

The Earth cards are related to our money, home, work, and family. Generally, the animals of the Earth element are supportive, grounded, dependable creatures. However, they can become “stuck” in their ways, as they tend to rely on routine.


“Creatures of the oceans, rivers, & lakes”

These cards relate to relationships, love, boundaries, and our creative side. These creatures are drawn to the arts, depth, and beauty. A healthy amount of water is good for the soul.


“Creatures of the desert & grasslands”

These cards represent the ego, lead us toward change, and challenge us to be our best selves. A fire card is more likely to appear during times of conflict or discomfort. But don’t worry, as fire transforms darkness into light. These are the cards of action and growth.


“Creatures of the sky”

These cards are known for “seeing” more than the other elements. The air creatures move swiftly, representing movement and mobility. However, they can sometimes move too quickly, becoming ungrounded. If this is the case, reconnect to the physical realm and Earth energy.


“Creatures of the Ether”

These creatures inhabit another dimension. They represent significant moments, challenges, or awakenings within our lives on a soul level. Look at these cards as guardians from another world. Trust is key, though. Know you’re in the perfect place.

Stay tuned for individual, in-depth posts about each card in the Animal Spirit Deck!

Have you used any of The Wild Unknown decks created by Kim Krans before? Which is your favorite?! Share in the comments below!





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