The Wild Unknown Freedom Spread

Hello, readers! First off, I just want to apologize for my lack of posts recently. I have no real excuse, other than a combination of depression and anxiety convinced me not to write for a bit. But I am back at it, and I promise to post more often from here on out.

I wanted to create this post in order to share with you my most recent Freedom Spread. This is just one of the suggested spreads in a booklet by Kim Krans, the creator of The Wild Unkown, that comes along with the black Spirit Cloth pictured. According to the booklet, this is a wonderful spread to help us “tap into the force of life within.” It reveals to us what is needed to move forward in life. It is perfect for those times you’re feeling stuck. 

1. To initiate movement towards freedom you must…


The Father of Swords is fair, analytical, and principled. He tends to think things through thoroughly before making decisions, which are made with logic and without bias. The Father of Swords is concerned with finding solutions that work and the truth. He will set clear boundaries for himself and those around him, as he holds everyone to high standards. He rules his life with a clearly defined code of morals. 

In this reading, this card may suggest that you tune into the characteristics of the Father of Swords. Ask yourself if you are acting in accordance to your own moral code. Consider the cold, hard facts in order to move forward. Decide to own your sense of authority in life and make your decisions with confidence. 


2. An obstacle that will grace your path will be…


The Ten of Pentacles represents stability and fulfillment. The suit of Pentacles is all about the material world and “earthly matters,” as in finances, the body, and nature. This card often indicates situations which benefit from having a solid foundation. Although change is a necessary part of life, establishing rituals and customs that serve you is incredibly important. 

In this reading, this card may suggest a need for balance and cohesion. Look closely at your personal definition of success. Remember that it is possible to be expansive or inclusive while having a sense of stability. Are you enjoying your current routines; how are they serving you? Inspect your relationship with fulfillment and create structure in your life that will be beneficial to your growth. 


3. Moving past the obstacle will require…



The Seven of Swords represents secrecy, self-interest, and cleverness. Swords are the suit of action and intellect; they address power, change, and conflict. This card often shows up when you are in a situation that you know, deep down, is not serving you – but you try to justify it anyway. It is a sign of the mind games we play to try and avoid shame and guilt, or even accountability. 

Occasionally, it is okay to be secretive and take action based on your own best interests. However, there is a thin line between dodging responsibilities and looking out for yourself. Assess your intentions; are you acting out of self-preservation, or have your thoughts become distorted? In this reading, this card often points to a habitual deterrent that holds us back, time and time again. 


4. Freedom may look like…



The Ten of Cups represents harmony, joy, and wholeness. Everything is as it should be. The suit of Cups speaks to the vast world of emotion. This card is a reminder that you will collect what you put out into the universe. You will not receive positive energy and good vibes without some work involved. 

The Ten of Cups suggests that you find your own internal sense of tranquility and speaks to times of connection with yourself, your environment, and those around you. In order to receive love and positivity, you must first embody these characteristics and push them out into the world. Only then will you truly connect to yourself, your loved ones, and the universe, and imbue positive energy. 


This reading was highly beneficial in telling me what I need to do in order to move forward and expand my personal growth in life. If you are feeling stuck or dull, or just want to know what steps to take in order to be more fulfilled, I recommend trying out this spread on your own. Of course, you do not necessarily need The Wild Unknown Tarot deck, or the Spirit Cloth I used in my reading. Any deck and any surface will do, as long as you know your intentions prior to the reading. 




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