2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for that perfect present for someone special? Here are a few of my favorite gift ideas for this holiday season!

LUSH gift set

LUSH offers a wide variety of gift sets that include amaaazing bath and body products, so there’s something for everyone on your list. The pre-wrapped gifts range in price from $10.95 to almost $400, perfect for literally any price point!

Weighted blanket

Who doesn’t love a good blanket?! Weighted blankets have recently become popular, especially among those with anxiety and sensory issues. For some people, the pressure from the weight of the blanket provides a relaxing, calming sensation. I know weighted blankets can be quite expensive, but I did find a nice one at Target for $70!


Cozy scents are a must for the holiday season! Some of my favorite candles for this time of year are from The Candleberry Company! They offer candles of all sizes and prices, as well as room sprays and wax melts, with plenty of delightful scents to choose from. My absolute favorite is Tennessee Whiskey!


Everyone loves a nice house plant! Help your pals spruce up their space with a beautiful succulent or flower! Check out The Sill for plants ready to ship to their new homes. They offer plants for beginners to experts, and even specify which species are pet friendly!

2019 planner/journal

Everyone these days needs a planner or journal of some sort to keep track of appointments or jot down a to-do list! May Designs allows you to create custom notebooks and planners of all sizes! You can choose from a zillion patterns and even add a name or monogram to the cover.


I’m a huge fan of accessorizing my outfits with cute pieces of jewelry, however I’m not a huge fan of spending much on said pieces. Luckily, I found Plunder. They create all kinds of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, etc. You can find something for everyone, from your gaudy grandma to your crafty cousin! And none of it will break the bank.

Sephora Gift Set

Sephora tends to have really good deals on value sets this time of year. You can find a variety of skincare and makeup products, often in trial sizes, perfect for trying new things! Some of my favorites this year are the Glow Recipe Watermelon Jelly Tote Set, CoverFX Glam & Glow Liquid Lights Set, Fenty Beauty Two Lil Mattemoiselles, Too Faced Sexy Prime Time Set, and Stila Big Shots Redux Eye Set!

Phone Case

Pretty much everyone has a cell phone nowadays. Why not help keep them stylish and protected? Society6 has tons of options as far as patterns go, and they’re all created by real artists. Not only do they sell phone cases, you are able to put the artwork on pillows, duvet covers, clocks, shirts, you name it! I even sell my own artwork on the site (a few of my phone case designs are pictured below – you can shop here!).

Sweet Treats

The holidays are a time to indulge. For those on your list with a sweet tooth, delicious desserts will be much appreciated! Some of my favorites are Shari’s Berries, Macaron Bar, and Cellar Door Chocolates. You can’t go wrong with anything these shops have to offer.

I hope this holiday gift guide can be helpful in your search for the perfect present for your BFF, significant other, work mate, or family member! Also, I just want to say, I am not getting anything out of recommending these products; I just genuinely enjoy them and thought I would share!

Happy Holidays!


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