wild fable #ootd

I. AM. OBSESSED. I mean, how could I not be? It’s a baby pink, corduroy, two-piece set for crying out loud! Not only is it absolutely adorable, it fits so well and is extremely soft and comfy. On top of that, it was super affordable and available at my local Target (it’s online, too – I’ll post links below!). They also made it in black… which is a need.


I am really loving this new Wild Fable brand! Everything is priced very reasonably; each item is under $40. It also offers a huge range of sizes, making shopping easy for everyone! There are so many trendy pieces to choose from, so you can mix and match and create your own unique wardrobe.


So, in conclusion, I guess we have yet another reason to be obsessed with Target.

Links to purchase this outfit online:

Short Sleeve Knit Corduroy Crop Top
Plus Size Short Sleeve Knit Corduroy Crop Top 
Knit Corduroy Mini Skirt
Plus Size Knit Corduroy Mini Skirt

Stay tuned for another outfit post including a Wild Fable top, a bomb-ass bomber jacket, and a pair of “booty-lifting” jeans. Yes, you read that right… booty-frikkin’-lifting jeans! Let’s see if they hold up to their claims.

photo credit: Jessibeth Photography


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